Starlit Ruminations

Starlit Ruminations is a collection of different poems centred around contemplation upon past scars (the ‘cups’ filled with our experiences, expectations and energy).

The journey you embark on when you flip the pages of Starlit Ruminations is one that asks you to love life’s lessons with a bonus chapter titled ‘letters never sent’ which contains conversational style poetry and immerses the reader in the specific experiences.

Starlit Ruminations takes you through love and life’s fairytale moments, its harsh realities and then tempers it’s ferocity in an ocean of lessons that create a silver lining in the dark clouds looming over us in life.

It forces you to stare life in the face and accept that it can be both beautiful and catastrophic in the same breath while challenging you to read between your scars. Starlit Ruminations reveals to us that we are beautiful in our darkness and unified in this journey.